10 March 2011

Raindrops on Roses

Today was one of those days where we all slept in just a little bit longer. Maybe it was because of the grey rainy morning we were to awake to or maybe we weren't quite finished with our dreams yet. Whatever the delay, it was long enough (but not too long) that our day started out at a relaxed and peaceful pace. Kind of like 'raindrops on roses'...

Simms was bringing the boys to the bus stop so I was able to stay in my comfy cozy pj's just a little bit longer. The boys got ready for school, ate breakfast and were ready to get their jackets on right on time. Simms was ready to go with time to spare to crush up some boxes for garbage day. I was able to get to the dishes in the dishwasher, start the coffee and make the lunches. I kissed the boys good-bye as they hurried to Daddy's car with Barber calling "don't forget 'I love yous!'". He's referring to me signing 'I love you' when they leave each morning. When I bring them to the bus, I sign 'I love you' as the bus rides away with them looking out their window. When Simms brings them in the morning, I sign 'I love you' out the family room window or the front door.

This morning was no exception.

I stepped away from the window with a smile on my face...and then I saw it. On the family room table, Jeter's open-ended Q&A from his homework. I've been talking to him of the importance of including a summarizing sentence at the end of his paragraph. He balked at me initially 'because it isn't required at school right now' but he came around and proudly read his well written paragraph last night. The night when he had a tight schedule of get home, complete his homework, practice trumpet, run on the treadmill (soccer conditioning), eat dinner and then we all went to Barber's community night for baseball. By the time we got home it was time for bed.

In seconds I had my crocs on and jacket zipped, hat on and homework inside my jacket - to keep it from getting wet. What a sight I must have been running down the sidwalk in my pink, white and grey striped pj's (you could see the bottoms), orange crocs and dark brown winter jacket. This wasn't a vogue moment for me - no this was a mom moment. I was definitely a mom-in-action and I really didn't care what my neighbors thought.

I ran toward the bus stop - the bus was already there - hoping I'd make it. I was two house lengths away when she started to drive around the corner (we live on a circle of sorts). I turned and sprinted down the way I came...I needed to cut her off! There was about nine house lengths between me and that bus. Thankfully, I made it and with a smile I completed my mission. I then heard the voice of one of my neighbors behind me (he lives on the other side of the circle) asking if I needed a ride home. I said 'sure that would be great' and got into the passenger seat in my crazy mis-matched, definitely not-ready-for-the-day, no make-up on look.

Wonderful. Definitely not auditioning for a real housewives show here.

The best part is, it really doesn't matter to me. The setting of my day hasn't changed. I am still in a place of rest and peace and now I even have something to giggle about.

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Promises said...

I loved reading this! This would be me too - actually, this is me now...where I don't care what my neighbors think when I am shaking out my tablecloth at 6am :) I just wish everyone could have the same freedom - not caring what others think! Love you!